Rehabilitation Counseling Services

Shannon is a certified rehabilitation counselor, a licensed professional counselor, and a certified case manager. She provides medical and vocational case management services in worker’s compensation, long term disability, and Michigan Auto No Fault cases. She conducts forensic vocational evaluations in these areas and also in disability litigation, and divorce cases. Shannon also serves as an expert witness for the Social Security Administration in Social Security Disability Hearings.

How Shannon Can Help

I specialize in disability adjustment counseling, with specialized experience in vocational rehabilitation, career development, and workplace challenges. I offer vocational testing to aide in career planning for established professionals and young adults entering the workforce. I would love to help you focus on your strengths and find your passion.

Here are some ways I can help:

I have over 15 years of experience guiding people to find joy in their careers, working with people with disabilities that impact their employment, and helping people manage stress and anxiety that impacts their performance both at home and at work.